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2013 Can-Am Spyder Series Workshop Manual Master Collection

Covers ALL 2013 Can-Am Spyder RS (Auto, Manual & Audio Convenience) including:

2013 Spyder RS SE5

2013 Spyder RS SM5

2013 Spyder RS-S SE5

2013 Spyder RS-S SM5

2013 Spyder RT SE5

2013 Spyder RT SM5

2013 Spyder RT Limited SE5

2013 Spyder RT-S SE5

2013 Spyder RT-S SM5

2013 Spyder ST SE5

2013 Spyder ST SM5

2013 Spyder ST Limited SE5

2013 Spyder ST-S SE5

2013 Spyder ST-S SM5

Professional High Definition Keyword Searchable Factory OEM Manual – 2183 Pages

BRP has created an entirely new manual for 2013

This is NOT a scan, this manual is from the original digital source.

This manual contains over 1350 pages of extra content that the $180.00 book never did including:

  • The full BRP 817 page repair and maintenance manual. The same one your local dealer uses, just in electronic form.
  • Exploded views, part numbers & MSRP pricing of EVERY PART! (2013 microfiche not in HD)
  • 2013 Spyder accessory catalog
  • 2013 Owner’s manuals
  • Links to BRP electrical diagnostic and troubleshooting videos (for all BRP products)
  • 2013 Dealer only service bulletins (bulletins available at the time the manual was created are included)